Nova Scotia Artist, Joy Laking, posts ramblings while she's travelling and painting in South America.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 20, 2011

I have been touched by the death of Ottilia Chareka. I never met Ottilia and I'd never heard of her until she was murdered this week by husband. A short film on her life captures her tenacity, her committment, her goals and her ambitions. We in North America always feel so entitled and we have so much. Ottilia was born and raised in Africa. She had to really work for her education and at the same time she was raising a family and working as a maid to pay for her tuition. Most people would have dispared and thought that it wasn't possible. I definitely want to have Ottilia in my play "Invisible Prisons". She won't be talking about her abusive marriage but rather her life and her goals. I want her full of life, talking about inspiring all of this world's sisters. Then I will have her lay down with the shroud over her.