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Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015 Word Picture

April 24, 2015  Word Picture


I open my new bedroom window,

Sit in my chair and

Soak in the late spring morning.


The light is flat.

The subtle colours

Compliment one another.

The far shore;

With it’s blue gray hills,

And a line of white snow

Above the purple alizarin cliffs.


The soft sky and bay

Are a foil for the Marsh.

My Marsh.

Now in old fall colours

Without the glow of autumn.

It lays like a flat warm blanket

Caring for the remains

Of an Acadian Dyke.

This harbinger of earlier times

Reminds me that I am the interloper.


In the foreground,

Above the flood plane of the Marsh,

There are conifers and bush.

There’s a snowy field,

Dotted with patchy little islands of sleeping grass

And bent dead weeds

Just waiting for rebirth.

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